Script auto surf à hébergé ??

  • bonjour,

    je suis un webmasteur amateur et j'ai commandé un script pour faire mon auto surf perso le problème je suis pas en mesure de comprendre ce que me dit le manuel pour pouvoir l'hebergé

    merci de votre aide si vous avez un idée :?:

    voici le manuel

    Install Via FTP

    1- Open the "vars.php" file in your text editor (windows notepad is recommended) and edit the variables.

    VARIABLES (vars.php):
    The vars.php file requires these variables to be edited (note only the text in bold is allowed to be edited do not edit anything other than the text inside the ' and ' or " and "):

    //Purchase confirmation and site contact email address (this is never shown to members!):
    $private_sys_email = '';

    Your private email address that payout/contact requests and cron confirmations are sent to, at no time is this email ever shown to anyone!

    //Database host (localhost is your own domain):
    $db_host = 'localhost';

    //Database username:
    $db_user = 'database_username_here';

    //Database password:
    $db_pwd = 'mysql_password_here';

    //Database name:
    $db_name = 'database_name_here';

    Your MySQL details go above (check your web host for all of these details).

    //Root URL:
    $self_url = '';

    Your main site URL (must be a main domain or sub-domain and MUST include a TRAILING SLASH!)

    //Site name for security checks:
    $self_name = '';

    Not used anymore, although may still require this variable so leave as is (must be a main domain or sub-domain and MUST include a TRAILING SLASH - exact same URL as above!)

    //Default site to show when no valid user sites:
    $default_site = '';

    A rotator or page that you want to show to members surfing when the database has no sites left to show (use bar_break.php on your site to stop the surfer from surfing any longer).

    //Site Title:
    $title = 'Your-Site-Name';

    The main Title of your site i.e. or SurferHits etc.. etc.. (Name used is just an example)

    //Name the Upgrade Credits (Do not include the " s " - Program will do this for you - i.e. Upgrade Credit or Upgrade Unit etc...):
    $upgrade_title = 'Upgrade Credit';

    The main name of your upgrade units or credits (Do not include the "s" system does this automatically, default = Upgrade Credit).

    //Main header root loaction:
    $m_header = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/header.php';

    //Main footer root loaction:
    $m_footer = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/footer.php';

    //Members header root loaction:
    $mem_header = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/header.php';

    //Members footer root loaction:
    $mem_footer = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/footer.php';

    The server root path to your main header and footer (member header and footer also included if you wish to make differrent from the main page). The $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] is the main root path of your site.

    //Site URL to Index.php - Leave out http:// and do not add a / at the end of the url:
    $siteurl = '';

    The main URL of your site without the http:// and Trailing Slash " / ".

    //Font Type
    $fontface = 'Verdana';

    //Admin Panel BG Color
    $admincolor = '#CCCCCC';

    //Button BG
    $adminbutton = '#CCCCCC';

    //Members Area Cell BG 1
    $cellbg1 = "#CCCCCC";

    //Members Area Cell Bg 2
    $cellbg2 = "#FFFFFF";

    //Surf bar timer text color:
    $timer_txt = "#000000";

    //Surf bar timer background color:
    $timer_bg = "#d3d3d3";

    Above settings are the look of your site, surf bar timer color, timer text color, member table colors etc..

    //Pages to surf before signup bonus credits given:
    $activation_pages = 10;

    Self explanatory, 0 = none 10 = 10 pages to surf before the new member is Active and their credit signup bonus is awarded (that you set in your admin area)

    //Referral earnings (default 0.1 credit each time a referral surfs a site):
    $ref_earnings = 0.1;

    //Referral cash earnings (percentage of PTC cash earned each time a referral clicks a "cash" ptc advert - 1 = 1%):
    $ref_cash_earnings = 1;

    //Surf bar height
    $bar_height = 90;

    The height of the surf bar in pixels (default = 90)

    //Allow minimized viewing (0 = NO 1 = YES) ??
    $allow_mmax = 0;

    This set to 0 will allow members to surf with a minimized surf window or not allow them if you set to 1.

    //Cashout requests = 1 : Mass Pay = 0 (0 = NO 1 = YES) ??
    $allow_cashout_requests = 0;

    This set to 1 will allow members to request cashout anytime (after they reach their account type cashout minimum of course!).

    //The amount of days (365 = 1 year, 0 = NEVER EXPIRES) an upgrade unit/credit is valid (from date of purchase):
    $max_invest_days = 365;

    The amount of days an upgrade purchase lasts (cronjob will expire this automatically for you).

    //Credits to earn surfing in one day before ROI awarded
    $min_credits_to_earn = 100;

    The amount of credits members must earn in one 24 hr period (1 day) to earn their Cashback on upgrade units..

    //Number of days to keep surf stats (0 = FOREVER):
    $keep_stats = 65;

    The amount of days the surf stats are kept in the MySQL database (from which the ROI is paid)

    //Number of days to keep site hit stats (0 = FOREVER):
    $keep_site_stats = 7;

    Members site hits also have daily stats, set the number of days above to keep these stats

    //Daily ROI if amount of credits above (i.e. if the above is 100 and below is 1, the ROI is 1% per 100 credits earned surfing in 1 day).
    $roi_conversion_ratio = 1;

    The percentage amount to pay members back if they surf the amount of credits you enter above (default = 1% of their total upgrade units if 100 credits or more are earned surfing). So a $10 upgrade will earn them $0.10 if they surf and earn 100 or more credits.

    //Upgrade member to Upgraded Status if they use their earnings to buy at least 1 share (0 = NO 1 = YES) ??
    $upgrade_member_if_buy = 1;

    Used for when a member uses their personal account earnings to buy upgrade units and when you add Upgrade Units through your site admin Transaction Manager

    //Email Yourself (to the email address you enter at the top of this file) if a member purchases shares with personal earnings (0 = NO 1 = YES) ??
    $email_admin_if_buy = 1;

    Sends an email to you if someone uses their earnings to upgrade their account (just a security measure).

    //Payout Merchants (follow suit - "1" => "PayPal", "2" => "E-Gold" etc…):
    $payout_merchants = array("1" => "PayPal", "2" => "E-Gold", "3" => "StormPay", "4" => "Etc..", "5" => "Etc...");

    The payout merchants used on your site, follow suit "1" => "PayPal", "2" => "E-Gold" seperate with a comma and do not add a comma after the last one!

    //Email Yourself (to the email address you enter at the top of this file) when daily ROI is paid (0 = NO 1 = YES) ??
    $email_admin_when_roi = 1;

    Sends an email to you when the daily payouts are completed and who was payed.

    //Signup Special Note:
    $signup_special_note = "<font face=$fontface size=2><b><font color=red>Important:</font></b> Your site must not have any pop-up windows, must not break out of frames and must not use any forwarding or redirection!</font>";

    This is the text shown just above the Register! button on the signup.php page.

    //Server Time:
    $server_clock = "<br><font face="$fontface" size=1><b>Current Server Time:</b> " . date('F, j'.'S Y g:i:s'.'a') . "</font>";

    The server time displayed in the members area - be careful if you change this!

    //Email headers
    $email_headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0rnContent-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1rnFrom: "$title Admin" noReply@noreply.comrnReply-To: "NoReply" noreply@your-site.comrnX-Priority: 3rnX-Mailer: PHP 4rn";

    Working email headers as per the demo site, be careful editing here.

    //Surf bar banner HTML:
    $surf_ban_rotator = "<script language='JavaScript' src='/banner.php?style=non_ssi'></script>";

    The surf banner/text HTML rotator code (the banner rotator content is edited through your site admin)

    //Default Banner Details (for the ad rotator):
    $default_banner = "";
    $default_link = ""

    Default banner to show when the are no ads left in the rotator to show.

    Make sure only the text inside the ' and ' or " and " is edited!
    If you experience some php error like output already started in vars.php line XX you have not edited the text correctly or there is white space at the top or after the end of the script " ?> ".

    <?php Must be on the very first line of the vars.php file or you will get errors!
    ?> Must be on the very last line of the vars.php file without whitespace after or you will get errors!


    The admin area should be self explanatory, remember that every form field that has to do with credits or cash (a number) is required even if you do not want to use. Example, if you do not want members to have to surf a minimum amount of pages before the signup bonus is awarded enter 0 (number zero) not leave it blank, or if you do not want to award a credit signup bonus enter 0 as the initial credit bonus, do not just leave blank.


    You can edit your site layout via the header.php and footer.php files. There is also a layout.html file included in the package that is the complete layout (HTML design) of your site. See this file on how to split the header and footer into two files (header.php and footer.php). The main front page HTML content can be edited via the main_page.php file. There is a backup file original_main_page.php that you can revert to if you make a mistake. Just upload this to your main site folder and rename to main_page.php.

    Recommended editors - php files can be edited with windows notepad.exe, you can also edit them in many HTML editors such as:

    Coffee Cup - Download Coffee Cup for free here
    Dreamweaver - Download Dreamweaver MX for free here
    Search Google for FREE HTML editors


    2- Upload all files to your server in the appropriate directory. You must upload all file in (ASCII mode) EXCEPT the images (img) folder, upload this in BINARY mode.
    3- Set up the SQL Database using the "sqlinfo.sql" file in phpmyadmin or via telnet.
    4- CHMOD ALL ".php" files to 755
    5- CHMOD the folders "banners" , "members" , "control" "style.css" to 777. CHMOD the /control/database_backup.sql file to 777 also.
    6- Go to the control panel ( The first time username and password is "admin".
    7- When logged in change admin info and customize the setup of your site (refer to the Manual.html file for more details).
    8- Setup the cron job at around 12am server time using:

    0 0 * * * GET > /dev/null

    or if you get problems with the command above, try using:

    0 0 * * * lynx --dump > /dev/null

    9- Setup a backup cronjob if you desire around 1 hr later than the first (morning server time would be the best time to run your cronjob).
    10 - Edit the main_page.php, header.php and footer.php pages for the site layout and main front page content.
    11- All Done!
    NOTE: You must also create a new folder "banners" for your referral banners if there is not one located in the package.

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