Site unable

  • Hello,

    Following a subscription to a First Start offer the day before yesterday, I transferred my site by FTP while pointing to my domain name by entering the type A zone at OVH with the address I also informed the domain in the panel with the path / www while creating an alias for

    But when I try to access my site via my domain or by the address, I find myself in front of a page with your logo design.

    What is strangest is the fact that on the administration panel, the space used by my site does not seem to be taken into account when I should have monopolized about 33 MB of the 50 MB available. This is the account for shared hosting.

    I would therefore like to ask you if the transfer of my files is indeed effective and if the DNS propagation has been carried out. If so, do you think that it will be possible to put online by the date of May 26 at the latest?

    Thank you.

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